Community Support

We at Dutchkinz® and Klein Holland LLC very much appreciate the support of our community, and we take pride in being able to give back to others, as well. Some of the organizations we support are:

The Humane Society Naples

Klein Holland LLC dba Dutchkinz® was part of the “Barkin’ Bath Dog Wash” event, hosted by the RBC Bank event on the 15th of may 2010, to raising money and awareness for the good causes done by the Humane Society of Naples, Florida.

“The mission of The Humane Society Naples is to shelter animals in times of need, locate lifelong homes and promote responsible pet ownership through education, legislation and sterilization.”

Sebastian, founder of Dutchkinz, grew up with animals from early on and ever since has shown a love and passion for taking care of and helping animals. He recently brought an injured duck to the Conservancy in Naples and on a regular basis together with his kids helps “neighborhood turtles” cross the road from pond to pond.

Naples Police FOB Lodge #38

Klein Holland was glad to support the efforts to help implement a booklet, to be spread within the community of Collier County schools, that focuses on how to detect, prevent and help against the abuse of intoxicating and harmful drugs.

You may visit the FOB at

Pelican Planters

Pelican Planters is a community garden project of a 2nd grade class at Pelican Marsh Elementary school in Naples, Florida.

Through hands-on gardening and whole-brain learning, this project teaches students about healthy eating and where our food comes from. Students conduct experiments in the garden and learn about seed germination, planting regions, plant needs, and soil types.

Check out this project out at

Haiti Houses

Now, more than ever, the people of Haiti need our help. Please consider creating and selling “Haiti Houses” and then donating the money to one of the organizations who are providing relief to earthquake victims.

This large project is locally supported by JuJostudio under the direction of Juliet Araujo.

Ms. Juliet has taken passion in this cause. Using her talent as an artist, she energizes students to use their imagination to create beautiful brooch-style pins in the shape of houses. The pins sell for $5 and the money raised is used to buy the supplies that local orphanages in Haiti desperately need.

We at the Dutchkinz family support this undertaking as it gives spirit to the values we believe in — sharing and giving back to the community at large.

A warm thank you to all people, young and old, who have put great effort in starting this organization and who help by passing forward this ideal.

“We may think different, but we love alike.”