Dutch Delights

At Dutchkinz®, we prepare and make delicious Traditional Dutch Delights® like “Poffertjes” or Poffers®, as we call them. These are bite-size, puffed-up beignets that are always made fresh with our unique style of in-house batters, never deep fried. In contrast with pancakes, Poffers® are small yet much thicker and have a light, smooth texture. Typically, Poffers® are served with powdered sugar and butter.


In addition to our Poffers®, we make Traditional Dutch “Oliebol” or Dutch beignets, freshly made Dutch fritters with a hint of vanilla and sprinkled with a light cinnamon/sugar coating and or some powdered sugar.

One of our best-sellers are “Appelflappen” or apple beignets: Fresh generous slice of apple enrobed in Dutchkinz Beignet Batter with a hint of vanilla. Served crisp golden brown coated with a light cinnamon sugar or confectioners sugar. These are incredible!

All of our products can be enjoyed with our fresh ground and roasted gourmet coffees. These signature roast coffees are blended and roasted to perfection exclusively for Dutchkinz. A great group of coffee connoisseurs have worked with Dutchkinz on perfecting this blend so it is smooth and delicious down to the last drop. We hate to admit but we occasionally see people just come for the coffee alone. It’s that good!

You can find all of these delicious Dutch treats at one of our many food cart locations.