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Dutchkinz® is a dba of Klein Holland LLC , preparing and making delicious Traditional Dutch Delights™ like "Poffertjes" or Poffers® we call them here at Dutchkinz®. These are Bite Size Puffed up delights that are always made Fresh with our unique style of in-house batters. Note, never deep fried. In addition to our Poffers® we make the Traditional Dutch "Oliebol" or Dutch beignets, Appelflappen or Apple Fritters. Last but not least we are introducing one of Holland's best kept secrets, until you arrive at or leave Schiphol Airport, the "Stroopwafel" or syrup waffle cookies. However now you do not have to fly that far anymore.
All delights that can be enjoyed with our fresh ground and roasted gourmet coffees.  Have to admit, more and more people just come for the coffe alone. That Good!
For more information on our products please visit the "Gourmet Products" page on our site.

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